Ray Signet Ring I Emerald


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Ray Signet Ring I Emerald


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Gold Vermeil

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      Engraved rings dipped into hot wax have been used since 3500 BC in Mesopotamia until 18th century Europe, when closing deals - as a proof of authenticity.  
      Even tough the word signet is most likely to come from signature, for us this signature is a symbol of our individuality, our empowerment and the freedom to break with old concepts.

      Stone: Emerald
      Material: Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil

      This ring is a one of a kind piece made with Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil. It has a 1-year guarantee and lifetime assistance.

      Gold vermeil is a high quality form of gold plating in which a thick layer of gold ( 10 microns of 18k gold) is coated upon sterling silver

      Please note that every ring is made with a natural Emerald, so the colour of the Gemstone can vary

      Every ring comes in an organic cotton pouch and a plantable box that has mustard seeds inside to reduce our waste

      About the Crystal: 

      Emerald is believed to be a pure activator of the heart chakra, helping to nourish your emotional self. 
      In mythology the green of the Emeralds were considered to smooth the eyes, and it was used to bring protection on journeys 
      The Emerald is also known as the stone of intuition, associated with site and the revelation of future events and  truths 

      If you need any help finding the right size or right stone for you, you can always contact us. If you don't find your size here, so just send us a message :)



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