Rose quartz Incense Holder| Hand Made Incense



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Rose quartz Incense Holder| Hand Made Incense


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      Incense is a substance that’s burned to produce a fragrant scent. The word “incense” is derived from the Latin word for “to burn.”

      The aromatic materials used for making incense are all plant-based, can include a variety of resins, barks, seeds, roots, and flowers.

      Japanese-style incense has been used to purify, cleanse, and unwind for a thousand years. During this time it has come to be seen as one of the highest quality incense varieties in the world.

      Like other types of incense, the Japanese version has myriad uses. It’s burned for religious ceremonies, meditation, aromatherapy, relaxation, fumigation, cleansing, perfume, or simply to provide an enjoyable fragrance.

      Incense is still believed to cleanse religious spaces as well as minds. Smells are deeply connected to the brain, especially to memories, so making a habit of burning incense while praying or meditating is an excellent way to get into the right headspace.

      Beho rituals line is about to infuse the great power of the crystals together with the relaxation of the incense.

      We made an appreciable set for you to find which one would suit you better.

      Rose Quartz set is are calm and compassionate was chosen to bond with rosemary incense, for the close aspects in vibrations.

      In ancient times, Rose Quartz was used as a love symbol. Today it is still an important talisman to restore harmony and truth in relationships but also with yourself. It is the Universal Love Crystal and it is related to the Heart Chakra.

      Made from: Arruda, Sea salt, activated charcoal on a pine stick.

      Myrrh is a gift for your body, mind, and spirit Myrrh had a spiritual significance in the ancient world and was used as a sacred anointment oil in religious ceremonies, as well as being known as a powerful healing essence.

      Arruda, your soul to develop spirituality. The smell can go about as an entryway to the spiritual world of goodness and positivity, inspire the soul, uplift the faculties, and carry harmony and concordance to the psyche.
      Almaciga is used to clean cleansing the spiritual environment, removing negative energies, and leaving the environment harmonious and healthy.

      Sea salt Salt and activated charcoal have been used for centuries to create boundaries, for protection, and to let go of anything holding our emotional and spiritual well-being captive.

      About us:

      I'm a designer passionate about nature and people. In every single thing I design, there is a lot of me and a lot of others. Part of the work is made in my studio in South East London, and part of the work is made by other artisans in South America, my second home. We make sure all the process is ethical and each crystal has been sustainably resourced

      If you need any help finding the right stone for you, feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you :)

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