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Polishing, Gold Plating and Stone Setting Service






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      Polishing Service: At Beho Studio, our dedication to ethical practices extends to every facet of our craftsmanship. With our polishing service, we meticulously restore the brilliance of your jewellery, ensuring that each piece reflects our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. From our studio to your collection, we transform your cherished pieces into wearable works of art that radiate with renewed beauty and integrity. Trust Beho Studio to unveil the natural allure of your jewellery while upholding our values of sustainability and ethical sourcing.

      Stone Setting Service: Elevate your jewellery to new heights of elegance with Beho Studio's stone setting service. As advocates of ethical practices, we ensure that each stone is sustainably sourced and meticulously set to perfection. Our collaboration with skilled artisans ensures that every piece reflects our dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability. Whether you're seeking to enhance the beauty of a beloved piece or create a custom design, Beho Studio welcomes you to explore our stone-setting services. Let us be your partner in crafting jewelry that not only captivates the eye but also embodies our commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability.

      18 Carats Gold Plating Service: Indulge in luxury with Beho Studio's 18-carat gold plating service. Our commitment to ethical practices ensures that each piece of jewellery is sustainably sourced and crafted with care. With our gold plating service, we elevate your jewellery to new levels of sophistication, transforming each piece into a timeless treasure. From our studio to your collection, Beho Studio upholds the highest standards of craftsmanship and sustainability, ensuring that your jewellery not only dazzles with elegance but also reflects our shared values. Experience the beauty of ethical luxury with Beho Studio's 18 carats gold plating service.

      We greatly appreciate your understanding and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to craft a one-of-a-kind piece tailored just for you!

      About Us:

      Crafted with a passion for nature and people, this ring is a collaboration between my studio in South East London and skilled artisans in South America. Our commitment to ethical practices ensures each crystal is sustainably sourced, transforming each piece into a wearable work of art.

      Should you seek guidance in choosing the perfect size or stone, we welcome you to connect with us. Your journey into the beauty of nature-inspired jewellery is our shared delight. πŸ’πŸŒΏπŸŒˆ

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