Nara Grin Signet Ring


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Nara Grin Signet Ring


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      Introducing the Beho Nara Grin Signet Ring: Where Literary Magic Meets Artistic Craftsmanship

      Step into a world of whimsy with the captivating "Beho Nara Grin Signet Ring," a true work of art inspired by the timeless expression, "Grin like a Cheshire cat." Drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll's classic children's tale, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," this enchanting creation captures the essence of a simple smile that promises to brighten your day whenever you spot it.

      Crafted with meticulous detail and inspired imagination, the Beho Nara Grin Signet Ring invites you to embrace a realm of imagination and wonder. Whether worn as a cherished keepsake or gifted to someone special, this ring stands as a testament to the enduring magic of literary inspiration, forever preserving the captivating legacy of the Cheshire cat's enigmatic grin.

      Handcrafted by Beho Studios, this piece is a harmonious blend of Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil, ensuring not only a solid and comfortable fit but also a stylish statement. Gold Vermeil, a high-quality form of gold plating, adorns the ring with an impressive layer of 18k gold (8 microns), coating recycled sterling silver for a touch of luxury and sustainability.

      Backed by a 1-year guarantee and lifetime assistance, the Beho Nara Grin Signet Ring promises lasting beauty and peace of mind for its wearer. Available in very small sizes, it is perfectly designed to grace pinky fingers with elegance and charm.

      In alignment with eco-conscious practices, each ring is thoughtfully packaged in a cotton pouch and a plantable box containing mustard seeds, embodying Beho Studios' commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

      About Beho Studios: Rooted in a passion for nature and people, Beho Studios seamlessly blends artistic expression with ethical craftsmanship. The creative process involves a synergy of designs crafted in a studio in South East London and contributions from skilled artisans in South America, ensuring an ethical and sustainable journey from concept to creation. Each crystal is sourced sustainably, reflecting a commitment to responsible resourcing.

      For those seeking the enduring beauty of 9kt gold rings, please allow 2 weeks for casting and polishing, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship behind every Beho Nara Grin Signet Ring.

      Feel free to reach out; we'd love to connect with you and share the magic of the Beho Nara Grin Signet Ring. 😊

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