Fish and Topaz Necklace



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Fish and Topaz Necklace


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      Beho Studio Fish and London Topaz Necklace is a luxurious and meticulously crafted piece of jewellery that seamlessly marries artistic expression with opulent design. Created by Fabianno Garibaldi, known for its masterful craftsmanship and innovative designs, this choker embodies a harmonious blend of sophistication and creativity.

      The pendant, meticulously crafted by Beho Studio's artisans, is an embodiment of their dedication to detail and creativity. At its core is a captivating fish motif, expertly fashioned to capture the fluidity and grace of aquatic life. This motif symbolizes transformation, adaptability, and the depths of the ocean's mysteries.

      Encased within a square frame, the fish motif is elevated to a level of geometric elegance. The square, also forged from solid 18-carat gold, offers a striking contrast to the organic curves of the fish, creating a visual juxtaposition that adds a unique dimension to the pendant's allure. The squared edges echo modern design sensibilities while remaining timeless.

      Dangling delicately from the fish's square, a London Topaz gemstone takes centre stage. The gemstone's deep and alluring blue hue captures the essence of the ocean, reflecting shades of calm and serenity. Carefully cut and polished, the London Topaz exhibits a mesmerizing play of light, ensuring that every movement of the wearer brings the pendant to life with a captivating sparkle.
      Beho Studio Fish and London Topaz Necklace is a testament to Beho Studio's dedication to crafting not just jewelry, but wearable works of art. It encapsulates the spirit of exploration, elegance, and individuality, making it a statement piece that resonates with those who appreciate both the beauty of nature and the craftsmanship of exceptional artisans.
      About the Artist :
      Since his childhood, Fabianno has followed with fascination the artistic work of his father, Silmar de Souza, his true master and motivator, goldsmith since 1968.

      ​The learning of accurate techniques of traditional goldsmithing through the teachings of his father, combined with his skilful and artistic hand, were decisive for Fabianno, at only 12 years old, to have one certainty:

      And so, always with love for the family tradition, since 1982 the art of making jewelry has become his life.

      ​With a perfectionist profile, Fabianno soon reached the domain to execute his pieces with a high standard of quality, combining beauty and emotional meaning to his art.

      In 2022 Fabiano join Beho Studio bringing his experience and his magnific way to capture perfection in minimalist pieces.
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