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Carrie Juliet


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      Introducing a mesmerizing modern stackable ring, a truly one-of-a-kind piece that combines contemporary elegance with a touch of celestial charm. Expertly handcrafted with the finest materials, this exquisite ring showcases the radiant beauty of 18 carats of gleaming yellow gold, ensuring a durable and luxurious foundation for the gemstone ensemble.

      At the heart of this captivating creation sits a dazzling diamond, its brilliant sparkle drawing the eye and adding a touch of timeless allure. Complementing the diamond are three distinct square-cut gemstones that exude an enchanting and ethereal glow. The celestial blue hues of sky topaz and blue topaz evoke the serenity of a clear summer sky, while the deep indigo tones of iolite captivate the imagination with their mysterious and alluring presence.

      As a testament to its impeccable craftsmanship, this ring comes with a 1-year guarantee, providing you with the utmost confidence in its enduring beauty and quality. Beyond the initial year, you can rest assured with the knowledge that lifetime assistance accompanies this exquisite piece, ensuring its brilliance remains undiminished. With its unrivalled beauty and enduring elegance, this ring will undoubtedly become a symbol of your unique and sophisticated taste, marking special moments and memories with grace and glamour.

      It has a 1-year guarantee and lifetime assistance.

      Condition: New
      Material: 18 carats of Yellow gold
      Gems: Diamonds, Sky topaz, Blue topaz, and Iolite

      About the Gem:

      Iolite, esteemed for its historical significance, has been employed by shamans for centuries as a means to heighten their visionary abilities, granting them clarity and profound insights into the unseen realms.

      In the realm of metaphysical beliefs, iolite is renowned for its ability to foster pure thoughts, sharpen intuition, and facilitate self-acceptance, promoting inner harmony and self-awareness.

      Blue Topaz, resonating with ancient wisdom, is deeply connected to effective communication and discerning the most opportune pathways towards achieving success and prosperity. Its transformative properties dispel fear and apprehensions, beckoning individuals to embrace their inherent nobility, instilling self-confidence, and guiding them to discover their unique fortunes.

      As a symbol of enduring strength, love, and robust health, Diamonds hold a revered place in the world of gemstone metaphysics. They are believed to channel the energies of resilience, love, and well-being, offering a profound connection to the heart and fostering a sense of invincibility and unyielding devotion.

      About the Artist :

      Since his childhood, Fabianno has followed with fascination the artistic work of his father, Silmar de Souza, his true master and motivator, goldsmith since 1968.

      ​The learning of accurate techniques of traditional goldsmithing through the teachings of his father, combined with his skilful and artistic hand, were decisive for Fabianno, at only 12 years old, to have one certainty:

      And so, always with love for the family tradition, since 1982 the art of making jewelry has become his life.

      ​With a perfectionist profile, Fabianno soon reached the domain to execute his pieces with a high standard of quality, combining beauty and emotional meaning to his art.

      In 2022 Fabiano join Beho Studio bringing his experience and his magnific way to capture perfection in minimalist pieces.


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