Sea Horse Pendant|Solid Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil


Length | 45 cm

Metal | Gold Vermeil


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Sea Horse Pendant|Solid Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil



45 cm


Gold Vermeil

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      A timeless classic pendant is a solid sterling silver pendant,with a touch of the Sea creatures.
      It is a one-of-a-kind piece made with solid 925 Sterling Silver. It has a 1-year guarantee and lifetime assistance.

      Condition: New
      Material: Sterling silver or Gold Vermeil

      Every pendant comes in an organic cotton pouch and a plantable box that has mustard seeds inside to reduce our waste.

      About the engraving:

      Seahorse meanings and symbolism appear in the legends and folklore of seafaring peoples in many parts of the world. Stories about mythical creatures that resemble seahorses and those of the seahorse spirit animal captivate us – undoubtedly because these creatures are so beautiful and unique.

      In Japanese, the word for seahorse – “tatsu-no-otoshigo” means “dragon’s bastard child.” Needless to say, seahorses were associated with dragons, which are known to possess omnipotent powers in Asian cultures. Seahorses are symbols of good luck, healing, and prosperity in Japan and other Asian cultures.

       Because of their unique eyesight, seahorses symbolize intuition and the ability to see the past, present, and future at the same time.

      The way seahorse pregnancies work is that the female transfers her eggs to the male, who fertilizes them in a pouch on his body. The male carries the fertilized eggs for 2-4 weeks and then gives birth.

      Because of this sharing of responsibilities, seahorses are symbols of balance and reciprocity. They are also symbols of gender equality and the nurturing power of natural energy.

      About us:

      I'm a Brazilian designer passionate about nature and people. In every single thing I design, there is a lot of me and a lot of others. Part of the work is made in my studio in South East London, and part of the work is made by other artisans in Brazil, my second home. We make sure all the process is ethical and each crystal has been sustainably resourced

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you :)

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